Happy Birthday Ben

7 years have passed since my big guy was born. 7 years since the night I first became a mom. I can't even believe it. I can't even get into the emotional aspect of that right now. My little guy is growing way too fast!

Ben opened his presents this morning. We gave him a DS game (Starfy), Star Wars Guess Who, a couple little lego sets and a few other small things. He loved his starfy game and had to play it while I made birthday pancakes. Kevin went to work and the boys and I went to Chuck E. Cheese, Ben's idea. Then, during quiet time, Ben went to Amy's to help work on his space birthday cake. We celebrated tonight with having the family over (DeeDee, Papa, Grandma, Papa Dale, Amy, Shannon, Sammy, Natey, Andrea, Dave and their friend, Kendra) for homemade pizza. Ben was thrilled to receive more gifts! Lincoln Logs, clothes, activity books, savings bond (DeeDee and Papa), Imaginext Space (The Wise's), Star Wars DS game and figures (Grandma and Papa Dale) and a monkey DS game (Andrea and Dave). What a lucky kid!


One Year ago today...giving up the binkies to the binky fairy.

Birthday Eve.

Happy pre-birthday my little Dylan. It is so hard to believe that you are turning 4! My little guy is growing up.

We celebrated Dylan's birthday with a picnic at Avondale. We also had a party planned at the first Christian Church Playland with friends and family. The people there were DeeDee, Papa, Grandma, Papa Dale, Amy, Shannon, Natey, Sammy, Jessica, Eli, Grant, Adam and Jordan (and his brother, Adam) from RiverTree and their parents. The kids had a great time playing and we had dinner at the playland. Dylan received some wonderful gifts, but his favorites included his booster seat (DeeDee and Papa), his microwave (the Wise's) and a car set (Grandma and Papa).

Dylan being four makes me feel weird. On the one hand, it is nice to have two children that are pretty responsible for themselves. But on the other hand, my youngest is no longer a baby...toddler....or even a young preschooler. I'm so not prepared for this growing up thing.


The end of 1st grade

I CANNOT BELIEVE that Ben is almost done with first grade. How did my baby get so big??? This year has been a big one of change for him. Going to the "big school". Cub Scouts. Going to friends houses and birthday parties without adults. Reading chapter books. Tying shoes. Doing his own things.

Just a few weeks ago, I said to Amy that it seems like all of a sudden he is growing up. We were all together on a Thursday night watching Ben play t-ball. Friday we were together again and Ben was over at a friends house. Saturday, we went to the cemetery to post flags for Memorial Day and Ben went with the scouts to do the same thing. Then on Monday we all went to watch Ben (and Kevin) walk in the Memorial Day parade. He is no longer doing the little kid stuff, he has moved on to bigger things. He might be ready for these big boy things, but I don't know that I am!

Ben has loved first grade. "Big School" has been wonderful for him. He has made LOTS of friends (Richie, Quentin, George, Spencer, Cody, etc.) and has loved being in Mrs. Frantum's class. He has worked hard and is an excellent speller and reader (just like his mom!) and he loves math (just like his dad and mom!). He is a very smart boy. Homework has been a challenge but only because he has other things he would rather be doing.

He is still such a sweet boy. He would rather snuggle and cuddle probably more than anything in the world. He needs lots of hugs and kisses and for that I am so grateful. He is still my little boy, at least in some ways. Watch out second grade, here comes Ben!

Dylan's First Year of Preschool

Dylan's last day of preschool was Friday, May 29. Kevin and I went to watch him receive his certificate of completion from Miss Victoria and Mr. Andrew. It seems like not too long ago that we went to Ben's "Level 1 Graduation". Dylan had a great year of preschool. he made some good friends (Roman, Carson, Katie, Rachel and his favorites, Alena and Chloe). He loved Miss Victoria and after Miss Beth left (who he adored), he had a great time with Mr. Andrew. He started off quite shy at school but is now the wild and silly boy that we know so well. I am glad that I am able to have him in preschool, with me, for another year. He will be in Miss Kathi and Miss Bonnie's class. He is not very happy about that because several of his little buddies are going to Miss Jodi's class. Hopefully he will get over it by the time we go back to school because I know he will make some great friends in Kathi's room.


A Dylan Update...

All about Dylan...the wild, cuddly child...Dylan is now 3 and in preschool 4 days a week. He is considered the "Brilliant" one in the class. It makes me giggle every day, when I hear about how smart he is and how he knows so much about numbers and letters. I just want to say "Trust me, I know." Dylan is obsessed with buses, cars, fire trucks, police cars, trains and most importantly traffic lights. Yes, I said traffic lights. Every day, driving down the road these are the things that we hear. "Mommy, it's a green light. Slow down it's yellow. LOOK a green arrow. 4 Green arrows (by Avondale). Turn mommy. Slow down mommy. What number is on the bus? What does that sign say. Look, bus 4 (we saw it three times today!)." Sometimes it is exhausting. I can just imagine trying to explain to the police officer at an accident... "I'm sorry officer, but my three year old was yelling at me to go, so I went." Dylan also loves Mickey Mouse and Elmo. We take a small Elmo almost everywhere we go. Luckily, we have a few since we lost the first one at Disney World. Dylan loves popsicles, spaghetti, popcorn chicken, carrots and apples. He loves to eat, but is constantly on the go so he is still skinny as can be. Dylan is also obsessed with taking baths. We constantly hear "I am so dirty. My feet are stinky." We love this crazy, cuddly boy.

A Ben update....

Ahhh Ben....the 6 year old... the sweet responsible child... where do I begin? Ben is an all around great kid. He loves to read and any kind of math. School comes very easy to him (for now). He is slower to make friends, but when he does, he is loyal to the end. We still talk about kids that were in his preschool class when he was three. Ben loves legos. He loves to put things together and take them apart (especially computers). We joke that he will be an engineer. Ben loves video games. Sometimes I wish that we never would have started him on them, but we limit the time that he spends playing them. It has also improved his fine motor skills and his eye hand coordination (so says the preschool teacher). Ben finally stopped sucking his thumb over the summer but he is still a mole picker (don't ask!). Ben is a boy scout and Kevin is his scout leader. I love that the two of them have something to work on together. Ben is very artistic. He likes to scrapbook (just like his mom), draw and loves to cut random things out and hang them up on our walls. Our house is a work in progress. Ben loves to snuggle and I am sad that I know it won't last forever. He is growing way too fast, but oh how I love this boy.

I've found you at last...

After searching high and low for this blog, I've finally found it. Hint...place this in my favorites and don't forget the password again!