A Ben update....

Ahhh Ben....the 6 year old... the sweet responsible child... where do I begin? Ben is an all around great kid. He loves to read and any kind of math. School comes very easy to him (for now). He is slower to make friends, but when he does, he is loyal to the end. We still talk about kids that were in his preschool class when he was three. Ben loves legos. He loves to put things together and take them apart (especially computers). We joke that he will be an engineer. Ben loves video games. Sometimes I wish that we never would have started him on them, but we limit the time that he spends playing them. It has also improved his fine motor skills and his eye hand coordination (so says the preschool teacher). Ben finally stopped sucking his thumb over the summer but he is still a mole picker (don't ask!). Ben is a boy scout and Kevin is his scout leader. I love that the two of them have something to work on together. Ben is very artistic. He likes to scrapbook (just like his mom), draw and loves to cut random things out and hang them up on our walls. Our house is a work in progress. Ben loves to snuggle and I am sad that I know it won't last forever. He is growing way too fast, but oh how I love this boy.

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