Dylan's First Year of Preschool

Dylan's last day of preschool was Friday, May 29. Kevin and I went to watch him receive his certificate of completion from Miss Victoria and Mr. Andrew. It seems like not too long ago that we went to Ben's "Level 1 Graduation". Dylan had a great year of preschool. he made some good friends (Roman, Carson, Katie, Rachel and his favorites, Alena and Chloe). He loved Miss Victoria and after Miss Beth left (who he adored), he had a great time with Mr. Andrew. He started off quite shy at school but is now the wild and silly boy that we know so well. I am glad that I am able to have him in preschool, with me, for another year. He will be in Miss Kathi and Miss Bonnie's class. He is not very happy about that because several of his little buddies are going to Miss Jodi's class. Hopefully he will get over it by the time we go back to school because I know he will make some great friends in Kathi's room.

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