The end of 1st grade

I CANNOT BELIEVE that Ben is almost done with first grade. How did my baby get so big??? This year has been a big one of change for him. Going to the "big school". Cub Scouts. Going to friends houses and birthday parties without adults. Reading chapter books. Tying shoes. Doing his own things.

Just a few weeks ago, I said to Amy that it seems like all of a sudden he is growing up. We were all together on a Thursday night watching Ben play t-ball. Friday we were together again and Ben was over at a friends house. Saturday, we went to the cemetery to post flags for Memorial Day and Ben went with the scouts to do the same thing. Then on Monday we all went to watch Ben (and Kevin) walk in the Memorial Day parade. He is no longer doing the little kid stuff, he has moved on to bigger things. He might be ready for these big boy things, but I don't know that I am!

Ben has loved first grade. "Big School" has been wonderful for him. He has made LOTS of friends (Richie, Quentin, George, Spencer, Cody, etc.) and has loved being in Mrs. Frantum's class. He has worked hard and is an excellent speller and reader (just like his mom!) and he loves math (just like his dad and mom!). He is a very smart boy. Homework has been a challenge but only because he has other things he would rather be doing.

He is still such a sweet boy. He would rather snuggle and cuddle probably more than anything in the world. He needs lots of hugs and kisses and for that I am so grateful. He is still my little boy, at least in some ways. Watch out second grade, here comes Ben!

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