Happy Birthday Ben

7 years have passed since my big guy was born. 7 years since the night I first became a mom. I can't even believe it. I can't even get into the emotional aspect of that right now. My little guy is growing way too fast!

Ben opened his presents this morning. We gave him a DS game (Starfy), Star Wars Guess Who, a couple little lego sets and a few other small things. He loved his starfy game and had to play it while I made birthday pancakes. Kevin went to work and the boys and I went to Chuck E. Cheese, Ben's idea. Then, during quiet time, Ben went to Amy's to help work on his space birthday cake. We celebrated tonight with having the family over (DeeDee, Papa, Grandma, Papa Dale, Amy, Shannon, Sammy, Natey, Andrea, Dave and their friend, Kendra) for homemade pizza. Ben was thrilled to receive more gifts! Lincoln Logs, clothes, activity books, savings bond (DeeDee and Papa), Imaginext Space (The Wise's), Star Wars DS game and figures (Grandma and Papa Dale) and a monkey DS game (Andrea and Dave). What a lucky kid!

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