Things I never thought I would say (Round 1)

I always knew mom's said some pretty weird stuff but I assumed it was things like "stop hitting, eat your vegetables, if you don't stop I'll turn this car around, etc." Today I said some things that I never thought I would say.

1. Ben and Dylan were playing Super Mario Brothers on the wii. They were level 2 where there are yoshi's and my kids love yoshi. Ben kept jumping on the yoshi and not letting Dylan have one. This resulted in Dylan SOBBING hysterically because he wanted his own yoshi. Then, Ben used his yoshi to swallow Dylan's luigi character. This made Dylan cry even harder.
Mom words spoken: "Ben, stop eating your brother." SIGH
This made both boys crack up. The thought of either of them "eating" each other was just too much for a 6 and 9 year old.

2. Ben, Dylan and I were going to be painting some things in the front yard. I told the boys to find some paint clothes while I got paint and brushes ready outside. The next thing I know, Dylan is running around butt naked in the front yard asking if the shorts he is holding are appropriate. I told him to get his naked butt back inside and get some clothes on. He does and I continue getting things ready. AGAIN, he comes back outside. NAKED. Apparently, I told him to go get some clothes on but he still didn't know if those shorts were appropriate for painting. Dear neighbors, I apologize for the streaker.

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