Dear 1st grade teacher,

Tomorrow my baby enters first grade. While I know that he is not really my baby, there are a few things that I feel you should know.

1. Tomorrow is Dylan's first day of the school year that Elmo has not gone. When Dylan was 3, Elmo went to school everyday and sat on the counter in the classroom. When Dylan was 4, Elmo sat in his cubby in the hallway. When Dylan was in kindergarten, Elmo (or another stuffed animal replacement) waited patiently in the backpack. Tomorrow, Dylan will be going to school without his best buddy. It seems like such a major milestone.

2. Tomorrow is Dylan's first time riding a school bus. While most kids ride the bus in kindergarten, our school didn't bus children.

3. Dylan has bravely decided to buy the pizza lunch tomorrow. Although this sounds like a little thing, please realize that Dylan is always hungry. I hope that he will have enough to eat.

4. Dylan hates to disappoint people. He hates to be in trouble. He hates conflict. He will do anything to please anyone. Please be gentle.

5. Please remember that he is not Ben.

Please take care of my boy. Help him to learn, make friends, have fun and to grow. I appreciate all you will do for him.


Dylan's mommy

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