Cameron is 2 months old!

Today Cameron is 2 months old. How the time goes so fast and so slow at the same time, I will never know. As I type this, I have a sleeping baby in my arms. He seems so little to me but I can't believe how much he has grown since his birth.

At 2 months:
Cameron eats around 5 times per day. Morning, lunch-ish, late after-noon, late evening and before bed. All of these are 8 ounce bottles. He's a little piggy!

Cameron is a great sleeper! He goes to bed between 10:00pm and midnight. He wakes up anytime between 7:00 -10:00am. We can't complain.

Cam loves to swing, watch his mobile and be snuggled by anyone.

He is a very easy-going baby. He only complains if he needs a bottle, changed, snuggled or just a little bit of entertainment.

Cameron is a great, but stingy, smiler. He is not quite to the stage of smiling at anything, but if you work at it, he will give you a great one.

Cam is a thumb sucker! I love the sight of a baby sucking it's little thumb (but I do not look forward to weaning another one). He doesn't care which thumb it is and occasionally will suck on a binky.

We love you little guy!

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