Tonsils, Tubes and Adenoids

On Tuesday, Ben had to go to Mercy for surgery to have his tonsils and adenoids removed and ear tubes put in. We saw Dr. Ossakow a few weeks ago and he recommended having it done because of all the ear infections he has had. We had to be at the hospital by 6:45am, so Dylan spent the night at Mama DeeDee and Papa Dean's so we wouldn't have to worry about him in the morning. Mama and Papa then took Dylan to school so they could come to the hospital along with Grandma Bear.

At the hospital, Ben was taken to a room with us to prep for surgery, get into his scrubs and get all of his paperwork done. He was a very brave boy and I think it is because we read a book about his surgery prior to the big day. We were able to watch tv in this room and we also told stories to keep him distracted. At exactly 7:45 Ben got up on his big "bed on wheels" with his Lucky dog that he brought with him and he was wheeled down the hallway for his anesthetic. We went to wait in the waiting room with everyone else.

About 1/2 hour later, the doctor called me to say that everything had gone well but Ben had "an unbelievable amout of ademoid tissue". Don't know what that means, but he said that Ben should probably act like a competely different kid after the surgery because he will feel so much better. We got to see him about 10 minutes later as he was coming out of the anesthetic. He woke up scared and had a very startled look on his face. I was able to rock with him while Kevin had to go back to the waiting room. Shortly afterwards we were sent to a recovery room to fully wake up. That is when Kevin was able to rejoin us (or one of the grandparents). Ben was able to have some water and was offered popsicles but he wasn't interested in the sicles. He also got to watch cartoons in this room and best of all Scooby Doo was on. About noon we were able to go home. Grandma went to pick up Ben's prescriptions and take Dylan to her house.

When we got home, we deposited Ben on the couch. We spent the day offering lots of medicine, watching tv and listening to Ben complain that he wanted to get up and play. Such a nutty boy. Tuesday night, I slept in Ben's bed with him. He only woke up once complaining that his throat hurt so I gave him some of his Tylenol with Codeine.
"Mommy is it time to get up? I think we should play in my room for awhile, ok?" Now mind you, this is said with a squeaky little voice but lots of energy!

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